Timur Rustem


Timur Rustem is the Senior Solicitor at Rustem Guardian. Timur leads the firm with a style and strength that carries through to the rest of the team. His expert advice is often sought by professional clients such as doctors, lawyers, accountants and bankers.

With over 25 years experience in criminal defence, Timur has developed a reputation as a leading criminal defence solicitor in the country. His expert opinion is often sought out by the BBC and Sky News for comment on legal developments and cases.

Both clients and legal professionals alike describe Timur as a formidable lawyer with a tactical approach. He is able to outmanoeuvre investigative and prosecuting bodies on the most serious criminal cases. This has led to him to become one of the most sought out lawyers in the country.  He is instructed in cases all over the UK and abroad.

Since founding the firm in 2005 Timur has quickly established Rustem Guardian Solicitors as a leading criminal defence firm, ranked in the Legal 500 and regarded as a one of the best criminal defence firms in the country.

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Timur Rustem

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