Our team at Rustem Guardian understand that being falsely accused of a sexual offence, including an allegation of rape, is a most distressing time for you and your family. We understand the pressure and stigma for those accused of such offences and the impact it can have on families and so we provide a sympathetic approach to all those involved and we are discrete and sensitive when advising our clients.

Our first priority when helping clients in custody is to consider all avenues to secure their release as soon as possible in the circumstances. We recognise the importance of the support from family and friends. We put the family at the core of the defence team to listen to their views that may help your defence. This will be subject to the rules of confidentiality and be dictated by the will of our client.

Our solicitors are experienced in defending the widest range of sexual offences which is a complex area of law involving challenging issues. You are in a vulnerable position when falsely accused of a crime of sexual offence and therefore you will need the best legal advice and representation as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected.

We have a wealth of experience in fiercely protecting a client’s reputation and will seek to challenge the case at an early stage with the aim to stop proceedings wherever possible. The firm’s team of solicitors have a formidable reputation for representing clients at the early stage of police questioning, which results in a high percentage of clients being released from further investigation and charge.

Our team provide support and critical legal judgement: Timur Rustem will build the team around your requirements to ensure you have the most experienced team. Mr Rustem leads a small but dedicated team including experienced solicitors, senior barristers, as well as links to our long term trusted enquiry agents; available for discrete investigations on your behalf.

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