With the rise in the number of sexual offences reported in the last ten years, the criminal justice system has become more responsive to allegations of sexual offences. The Police have dedicated teams working with those individuals who make a sexual offences complaint and there is a range of statutory special measures for children and vulnerable witnesses giving evidence. If you face an allegation of a sexual offence there is a very high risk of being placed on the Sex Offenders Register should you be convicted. At Rustem Guardian, we have a highly experienced team who understand the complex challenges of the Sex Offenders Register and are best suited to defend your case at any stage.

The Sex Offenders Register is a catalogue which contains the details of any individual convicted, cautioned or released from prison for a sexual offence against children or adults since 1997. It is not retrospective which means that no person will be named in the Register if they were convicted before 1997.

People convicted and put on the Sex Offenders Register may be obliged to notify the police of all their movements or comply with orders limiting their free will and activities they wish to undertake. Indeed, a person placed on the Sex Offenders Register may be prohibited from working in certain jobs, especially those which require contact with children.

The team at Rustem Guardian work meticulously with the evidence to ensure that registration is avoided or at the very least that any orders put on a client are reasonable and do not pointlessly restrict freedoms or work opportunities.

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