Rustem Guardian has an unrivalled reputation when it comes to case preparation. When you have been falsely accused of a crime your defence case is the key to proving your innocence. Rustem Guardian has a wealth of experience in working with private investigators to help build the best defence case possible. Investigation can vary from the most basic such as trace enquiries through to more complex surveillance which require intelligence operations, intelligence on movements of individuals, actions of organisations or activity at properties.

Private investigation is an essential tool and our specialist surveillance team maintain ethical and high quality standards for all commercial or private clients. Rustem Guardian tailors a bespoke package to suit your surveillance and investigation requirements providing the client with a complete solution package.

We use specialist enquiry agents (private investigators) who are trained to conduct a wide range of private investigations. They have a wealth of experience in surveillance techniques and investigatory work carried out in the UK and also at an international level. With the expertise of our private investigators we will help you with the best preparation of your case.

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