Defending Motorists

With increasing use of technology by the police, it is now more common to be accused of a road traffic offence than it has been in the past.

We ensure an efficient and friendly service which will guide you through every stage of a road traffic prosecution, whatever the alleged offence may be. Depending upon the nature and gravity of the alleged motoring offence, it may be possible to have your case publicly funded (legal aid). However, in some cases this may not be possible. In these instances we will be pleased to deal with your case at competitive private rates. We should be able to tell you immediately whether you will be eligible for public funding or not.

You should not assume that even if you intend to plead guilty to a driving offence, that you do not need a solicitor. There are many situations where you may be able to avoid, or reduce a penalty with our help.

If cases are of a serious nature in particular, we strongly advise that you are represented. Rustem Guardian Solicitors is well placed to do this for you.

We assist in the broad range of motoring offences including the most common areas below:

Driving with Excess Alcohol

If you are convicted of driving with excess alcohol, disqualification for a minimum of twelve months is mandatory, but this could be more. Driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs could also result in a disqualification. However there may be many instances when you might dispute the evidence and we can make sure that your account is fully explored and presented to the court. In other cases we have the experience to mitigate your involvement effectively in order to obtain the best possible result for you.

Driving whilst Disqualified

The imposition of a driving disqualification is regarded by the court as a serious matter and driving whilst disqualified could therefore lead to a custodial sentence. For this reason you will need representation and we have experience of representing clients in this position and can assist you when you appear in court.

Death by Dangerous Driving

Death by Dangerous Driving is a matter which can only be tried at the Crown Court and the maximum penalty on conviction is 14 years imprisonment. For this reason you need good representation, and we have a wealth of experience with such cases and will be able to assist you throughout your case.

Careless Driving

For careless driving offences it is necessary to show that your driving fell below that expected of a competent driver. These are often cases where expert evidence is required and we are in touch with the best experts in the field in order to assist you with your case.

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