Rustem Guardian has extensive experience in assisting families at a very difficult time after losing a loved one, taking on a wide range of cases covering inquests or inquiries. We understand that the unexpected death of a family member is never easy. Unfortunately it is often more painful as family members are most often lost in the care of custody or hospital.

Rustem Guardian provides a sensitive and compassionate service to bereaved families who seek the answers behind why their loved one has died and most importantly whether it could have been prevented. When someone dies in unusual or sudden circumstances where the cause of death is unknown, a Coroner will usually hold an inquest to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death. In some instances either the relevant public body or the court will order an independent public inquiry to investigate the issues relating to the death. This is even more so where it is deemed there are professional errors or it is in the public interest to pursue the inquest.

Rustem Guardian’s experienced team will represent your family’s interest with the utmost integrity and care.

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