Rustem Guardian Solicitors have extensive experience of representing clients across a full range of alleged offences, from minor road traffic matters to the most serious of criminal charges including the following:

– Murder, Manslaughter, Kidnapping and Drugs offences

– Firearms and Armed Robbery

– Serious Sexual Offences

– All Motoring Offences

Whether the offence is minor or serious and complex, national or international our criminal defence lawyers understand that being at risk of investigation, under arrest or charged with an offence and facing prosecution is a stressful, worrying and a confusing time. We aim to a provide first class service with advice and representation, act as the first line of defence with the police, investigators and prosecuting authorities and to defend your best interests.

Football Banning Order

Rustem Guardian Solicitors are leading the way in fighting Football Banning Orders’. With our unparalleled knowledge of the Football Spectators Act we are able to successfully challenge any potential order quickly and efficiently. The imposition of a Football Banning Order has wide reaching consequences; a fact that is understood and appreciated by us.

Specialist Areas

By working closely with specialist organisations we are able to offer a fast and proactive response to our clients. Our specialist team will take the fight to the prosecuting authority on your behalf.

Violations of Human Rights

Rustem Guardian also acts for supporters who have their human rights violated by the authorities under the guise of section 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2007.

Police Station Representation

We provide advice at police stations 24 hours a day 365 days a year. At Rustem Guardian Solicitors, we can act to defend a client in emergency circumstances once instructed by a client or a member of their family. We can act at the Police Investigation stage with funding of Legal Aid or for a more comprehensive service under a fixed fee agreement which helps cap the fees we will charge you.

Benefit Fraud

Many families rely on tax credits provided by the UK benefits system. Authorities can identify irregularities from the outset or later once you have been receiving credits over a long period of time. The authorities can investigate any credits you have received which may lead to you being interviewed under caution. At this point, it is important that you receive expert legal advice and at Rustem Guardian, one of our experienced solicitors can attend with you at the police station.

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