Drug Offences including Cultivation

Rustem Guardian has extensive experience in representing individuals charged with drug offence allegations. This includes possession of controlled drugs such as cannabis, heroin and cocaine all the way through from cultivation, possession with intent to supply to gang related and drug importation/exportation offences.

Many people in the UK are not aware they have been charged with a serious crime if they are charged with a drugs offence. The UK government has taken a serious line on drug related crimes and this is reflected in the sentencing which is harsh and lengthy. The sentencing is purposefully harsh to act as a deterrent and even minor involvement risks a result of a lengthy prison sentence. In order to prepare your defence case as best as possible, it is paramount for you to receive expert advice from one of our solicitors as soon as possible, especially at the police station stage when you’re being interviewed for questioning.

Drug cases often involve multiple charges and many individuals and are split into groups of importers, suppliers and users. From a sentencing point of view, users are treated leniently and those convicted of a drugs supply offence are usually charged in a conspiracy. We have an experienced and sensitive legal team who can identify the roles of parties and we have represented clients across all groups and all drug offences.

Drug Cultivation / Production

It is an offence for anyone to grow a plant with the intent to cultivate drugs for use or supply unless you possess a license for industrial production. Case precedence has shown that the criminal courts take a very hard line on cases involving the production of drugs and will address them with the greatest severity. This is reflected in sentencing which can see a convicted individual facing up to life imprisonment for a charge relating to a Class A drug and fourteen years for a Class C drug.

Drug Importation

As with an offence related to cultivation, any allegation involving drug importation and conspiracy to import drugs is viewed as a serious crime by the courts and can often involve multiple government agencies including the Police, SOCA and HMRC. The investigation can often be lengthy spanning months as well as years as these cases involve a high number individuals and expert examination of technology evidence.

If you face a drugs related offence, our legal team is both experienced and specialists in this area and it is imperative you receive expert advice as early as possible in the investigation stage.

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