Appeals – Conviction/Sentencing

Rustem Guardian Solicitors possess particular expertise in pursuing appeals for those who have been convicted and represented by other firms.

If you require advice on appeals following either conviction or sentence we offer an unparalleled service with a highly skilled team of solicitors who can give time and careful consideration to all potential avenues of appeal. By reconsidering all of your case papers, and with input from you, it might be possible to examine new evidence, or find fault with how your original trial proceeded which we can use as grounds to lodge an appeal.

We also work closely with expert barristers who are able to offer insights into every aspect of your potential appeal to ensure that your case is dealt with smoothly, efficiently, and with the maximum chance of success.

We are able to deal with appeals in relation to all types of criminal case which have been dealt with at any criminal court in England and Wales. However we specialise in appeals to the Court of Appeal in relation to the most serious offences.

In recent times we have assisted clients with appeals in respect of a variety of violent offences including murder, serious drugs offences, serious sexual offences and many other types of offence.

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