Appealing Wrongful Sexual Offence Convictions

Mr Timur Rustem, who leads the Sexual Offences department, often represents clients already convicted of sexual offences but who maintain their innocence. We believe that there are many individuals who have been wrongfully convicted and we will work with families and friends at whatever stage of an Appeal. It is often not just the client who is the victim, but it is the families, friends and supporters in the miscarriage of justice and we recognise the vital role they play in their fight for freedom and to clear their name and reputation.

We provide family members or friends a free consultation to meet directly with the managing partner, Mr Timur Rustem, who will offer an important second opinion and expert advice on whether there is an opportunity for an Appeal. It is often the case that clients, their family and friends, either do not understand how the court proceedings operate, or they feel they have been neglected and ignored by their previous legal team.

If our legal team takes on your appeal, we will automatically examine the grounds of sentencing looking at whether it is reasonable or manifestly excessive (unreasonable) and we can instruct counsel (a Barrister or QC) to examine all arguments for a reduced sentence. In challenging a sentence, counsel will look to the points of law and whether the circumstances for appointing such sentence are reasonable or not.

The second area we can look at on your behalf is Appeal against Conviction. There are three areas where a challenge against conviction can be sought:

Section 1

1. The previous legal team’s case preparation and whether there are notable points of negligence;

2. Trial preparation and whether the solicitors failed on a point of process;

3. Performance of Counsel at trial.

Section 2

The Trial Process and whether any irregularities were identified during the trial. Also the rulings and conduct of the Judge, particularly on points of law and summing up to the jury.

In most cases we will request transcripts from the trial for analysis.

Section 3

Fresh evidence: there is a possibility to use fresh evidence which was not available at the time of the original trial. This could be a crucial defence witness, forensic or CCTV evidence, evidence on a social media site etc. This will be identified not only from a thorough analysis of the evidence but also from lines of enquiry identified by the client.

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