• Timur awarded ‘Business Crime Lawyer, 2014’ by Lawyer Monthly

    Timur Rustem set up Rustem Guardian just shy of ten years ago. As a young and tenacious firm it was one of only few legal houses to be given VHCC status for high value Fraud work. This was attributable to Timur’s reputation, success rate and ambition in this sector. Being awarded ‘Business Crime Lawyer of

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  • Timur Rustem – BBC Radio – Boiler Room Fraud interview

    Timur Rustem was asked to speak in his capacity as a Fraud Legal Expert on Boiler Room Frauds which were featuring in the news in 2013 due to the Florida case of 3 Britons (Pope, Odoni and Gunter). This case is the largest Boiler Room Fraud in the US after a joint investigation by the

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  • Timur Rustem named a Super Lawyer of 2013 for his Fraud work

    Timur Rustem is named a Super Lawyer 2013 by Super Lawyers Magazine, a leading Global magazine. Timur has represented defendants in the biggest VHCC, Conspiracy to Defraud and Boiler Room Frauds in the UK and this award recognised for his long-standing case work in this specialist practice area.

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