Our Serious Fraud Department is able to advise clients 24 hours a day, whether they are based domestically or internationally. Our experience of both domestic and international serious fraud allows us to provide specific guidance to those charged with the most demanding of cases involving complex issues of law and jurisdiction.

We provide expert legal advice and representation to those suspected of or charged with any type of fraud. We understand the stresses of a fraud prosecution on individuals and companies and are able to provide the highest quality of service whilst maintaining complete discretion at all times. Tactical decisions made at a very early stage of a case have a huge impact not only on prosecuting decisions but also on the outcome of any proceedings should the case go to trial.

Rustem Guardian’s experience and expertise in serious fraud and business crime ensures the best possible reputation both prior to charge and during all subsequent litigation. In major cases our policy is to devote a team of experienced professionals to case preparation, working under the supervision of a partner, the object being to ensure the best results for our clients.

It is essential that you make contact with a solicitor at the very first sign of external enquiries into the accounts or conduct of your business or you personally as an individual. The earlier you seek legal advice the less damaging the consequences are likely to be.

Rustem Guardian are experienced with allegations of all types of money laundering including the alleged financing of terrorist activities. Serious fraud can cover a number of allegations in all areas of everyday life. These can include the following:

  • Advance Fee Fraud
  • Banking Fraud
  • Boiler Room Fraud
  • Charity Fraud
  • Conspiracy to Defraud
  • Counterfeiting
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • False Accounting
  • Insider Dealing
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Benefits Fraud
  • It is never too early to seek advice.
Money Laundering

Money Laundering involves the concealing and disguising of the proceeds of criminal activity so that the proceeds appear to have come from legitimate sources when in fact they do not. This can take an almost endless variety of forms, and is now an area which is tightly regulated. In some cases a defendant might be investigated for money laundering along with other offences, although sometimes it is a ‘standalone’ offence.

Rustem Guardian Solicitors can act for professional (e.g. accountants/solicitors) and non-professional clients alike who have been, or who are at risk of prosecution. We can build a defence team including forensics accountants, private investigators to analyse the prosecution case and identify problems we can challenge.

We have successfully defended many clients and urge anyone at risk of a money laundering investigation to instruct as soon as possible.

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is the alleged misrepresentation of fact or omission of information in the application for mortgages. Sometimes this is prosecuted based on a simple discrepancy between forms which have been submitted in respect of a single mortgage. In other cases the fraud appears to be far larger in type and scale.

Since a defendant potentially stands to lose a significant amount of money (often in the form of their family home) as well as receiving a criminal conviction, the right representation is essential. Rustem Guardian are an experienced mortgage fraud law firm and have helped many clients successfully defend themselves against many different forms of mortgage fraud.

False Accounting

False Accounting is the falsification, concealment or destruction of records (accounts) with the intention to gain fraudulently or cause loss to another. It is used as either a vehicle to trick people into parting with money, or in order to cover up some other offence. Both are offences under the Theft Act 1968 and can lead to as much as seven years’ imprisonment if convicted. Due to the technical nature of this offence it is often professionals, such as accountants or company directors who are charged with this type of offence, sometimes as part of an allegedly much wider conspiracy.

It is vital that as a defendant, a firm with technical knowledge of such offences. Rustem Guardian Solicitors is a law firm with access to experts in the field and experience in all types of false accounting.

We regularly represent professionals from many areas, including Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors, Bankers and many more areas of personnel. We can offer specialist expert advice and help you deal with the professional bodies from a regulatory perspective.

Conspiracy to Defraud including Boiler Room Fraud

Conspiracy to Defraud is an alleged agreement between two or more parties to defraud another. Defraud means to deprive a person dishonestly of something which is his or of something to which he is or would or might but for the perpetration of the fraud be entitled.

Due to this wide definition, this can take any number of different forms and the penalty can often be serious (up to 10 years’ imprisonment). Some of these offences are very complex requiring detailed attention and analysis. Rustem Guardian Solicitors are experts in defending clients who have been charged with Conspiracy to Defraud and can provide the expertise required to successfully defend these difficult cases.

Boiler Room Fraud

Boiler room fraud is the practice of selling overvalued stock or stock in phantom companies. Usually a letter or email (occasionally a phone call) is made to a ‘target’. The communication seeks to persuade the target to part with cash which it is alleged will result in a far greater return at some assured future point in time. This can take the form of an offer of shares at a low price for example, with a guarantee that the shares in question are about to significantly increase in value.

These offers are often extremely sophisticated and appear to the target to be absolutely genuine. Ultimately, however, the target loses their investment and the promised gain never materialises. These types of case are often prosecuted by specialist teams within the CPS and occasionally by the FSA due to their complexity and the inevitable regulatory offences which are often committed in perpetrating this ‘boiler room’ fraud.

Rustem Guardian Solicitors are a law firm that have successfully represented a number of clients said to be involved in this type of activity and our specialised team has years of experience dealing with such cases.

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