Rustem Guardian understand there is no easy way to approach the subject of historical sexual allegations. Often such false allegations give rise to issues relating to family law, especially when the allegations emanate from within the family unit. To be faced with an allegation of a historical sexual offence can be a terrible shock and carries a grave stigma.

This type of false allegation is one of the most emotive and challenging aspects of sexual offences defence work due to the fact that the prosecution is often based on the victim’s word against that of the defendant. It is well known that defending these false allegations is undoubtedly difficult and there is a high rate of conviction as in most instances they involve a victim who was a child at the time the allegation took place. However, Timur Rustem, the managing partner who heads this department, has achieved excellent results in these cases due to his attention to detail, formidable case preparation and use of leading experts and barristers in this area.

From the Police Station through to the Crown Court, Rustem Guardian provides a thorough and meticulous service. Often important evidence is overlooked or not pursued by the prosecuting authorities. We are tenacious in tracking down such evidence even when the allegations date back a number of years.

If you require legal representation at any stage then please contact Tim Rustem.

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