We undertake both Private and Publicly funded cases.

Private Funding

Whether your case is at the Police Station for investigation, at the Magistrates’ Court or at the Crown Court, it can be undertaken by the firm on a private basis and in those circumstances the restrictions attached to Public Funding will not then apply.

For example, with the requirement to provide financial information both at the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court stages, and with key decisions on the appointment of Senior Counsel, Queen’s Counsel and Experts, which would otherwise have to be approved by either the relevant Judge or the Legal Services Commission (the government body responsible for legal funding), privately funding your case will allow you to make your own decisions regarding these appointments and also whether or not you wish to be represented by a senior solicitor such as the head of the firm.

Private work can be carried out at an agreed fixed fee for a specific stage of the proceedings. This has the advantage of quantifying the exact cost of your case for any given stage.

Alternatively, you can fund your case privately by providing money on account of costs and disbursements. The firm will provide you with a monthly interim report with a breakdown of the billing which can be paid on a periodical basis to spread out your costs.

Should you decide to privately fund your case and go onto win, your defence team can make an application for a Defence Costs order Central Funds. This means the Courts should reimburse you for your legal costs for the case. This would be subject to taxation, in other words, the determination of costs by the relevant Court.

Public Funding

All Public Funding is governed by the Legal Services Commission. Any representation at the Police Station can be funded under Legal Aid. Proceedings at the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court will be subject to an application for Public Funding by way of a Representation Order. There is a requirement to provide financial information of your assets to the Court.

The grant of Legal Aid will be dependent upon two criteria. Firstly, the case must be serious enough (in the interests of justice). Secondly, your financial situation must qualify for legal aid funding. Further information can be provided by the firm in this regard and we can advise and assist with the completion of the forms.

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