Due to evidential developments, drugs cases have increased in complexity in recent years. The Police are deploying more complex tactics and evidence gathering measures and it is vital that you have a legal team who can deal with these as well as a team that you can trust – Rustem Guardian offers both.

We have extensive experience in dealing with cell-site evidence, co-location evidence and ANPR tracking data. We are not afraid to challenge the police and prosecution when they put forward their analysis, which is often wrong and occasionally misleading. We do not take prosecution evidence at face value; we will look at the raw data and advise you on whether to consider instructing an expert to provide an independent analysis of the evidence.

In cases involving drug offences, clients are often charged alongside others. It is important to take a sensible but robust approach. Rustem Guardian are very familiar with these tactical decisions and will advise clients of the various options – whilst being tenacious in challenging other suspects on their conflicting accounts. We are also experienced in dealing with legal argument to determine exactly what role should be attributed to a defendant, rather than being willing to simply accept a prosecution case in full.

Often those charged with drug offences are victims themselves. The team regularly deal with referrals to the Single Competent Authority regarding modern slavery and exploitation – this is a defence for those charged with the supply of drugs and should always be explored at an early stage. Alternatively, clients may have a defence of duress which should be fully explored before a plea is entered.

Misuse of Drugs Act

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