Successful Result in Snaresbrook Crown Court

Successful Result in Snaresbrook Crown Court


Sophia Vargas Sanchez instructed Hannah Edwards of 25 Bedford Row chambers to represent C.

C was initially charged with PWITS Class A, PWITS Class B, possession of ammunition and failure to provide PIN. He was immediately remanded in custody as he was of No Fixed Abode.

Sophia took detailed instructions prior to the PTPH where we found reasonable grounds to query the charges of failing to provide a PIN and intent to supply Class A. These instructions were decisive as C already had two previous convictions for PWITS Class A and was therefore a potential ‘third-striker’ facing a mandatory minimum of 7 years’ imprisonment. In short, C was a Class A addict selling Class B drugs to fund this addiction. Sophia requested the custody record pre-PTPH which confirmed that Class A was found in his system on arrest.

At the PTPH, Ms Edwards discussed the potential for a plea to simple possession of Class A which was refused by the Crown. As such, C entered NG pleas to failure to provide a PIN and PWITS Class A. The matter was set for trial.

In C’s Defence Statement, we again offered a plea to simple possession in light of the custody record bolstering our position that the Class A was for personal use and not onward supply.

Further probing resulted in an Offer of No Evidence to the count of Failing to Provide a PIN as the Crown conceded that only an advisory notice was served on C in the police interview. The Crown also offered no evidence in respect of Possession of a Class A Drug with Intent to Supply in response to our Defence Statement. Instead, the Crown amended the indictment to add a count of simple possession of a Class A drug to which C pleaded guilty at the first available opportunity.

C was sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court, represented by George Wills in Hannah’s absence. C received a total of 15 months’ imprisonment for PWITS Class B of which he has approximately 2 months left to serve in custody. No separate penalty was imposed for the Possession of Class A count.

Sophia and Hannah’s careful approach to this matter successfully avoided C being subject to the mandatory 7-year custodial sentence.