Miscarriages of Justice: Des Jenson Attends House of Commons

Miscarriages of Justice: Des Jenson Attends House of Commons


Des Jenson, Solicitor Advocate, attended the House use of Commons on Tuesday 16th April for a meeting organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on miscarriages of justice. Several MPs attended including Barry Sherman, the Labour MP for Huddersfield and Kim Johnson, the Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside, (whose bill on Joint Enterprise (Significant Contribution) aims to tighten up the law on Joint Enterprise). Glyn Maddocks KC, a former Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) commissioner and Stephen Kamlish KC, who represented one of the ‘Birmingham Four’ were also present.

David Jessel, the former presenter of the long-running BBC TV programme Rough Justice, and a former CCRC commissioner lamented what he sees as the ‘monastic’ culture at the CCRC where most employees now work from home full-time and the collegiate atmosphere of the late 1990s is now gone.

In a room full of worthy causes, Amie Benguit, sister of Omar Benguit, who was convicted of the murder of a Korean student in 2002 was present. Des Jenson has been assisting Omar Benguit with his appeal (please see ‘The Man with No Alibi on You Tube:

Watch – The Man with No Alibi

The night went to Stephen Kamlish KC and the case of the ‘Birmingham Four’. Naweed Ali, Khobaib Hussain, Mohibur Rahman and Tahir Aziz. They were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in August 2017.

The prosecution case was that the four men were party to a plot to carry out a terrorist attack in the UK. The key evidence was that of a multi coloured JD Sports drawstring bag containing a part-constructed pipe bomb, a Beretta (an imitation firearm) with a magazine taped to it, a knife, shotgun cartridges, a single bullet, a roll of tape and some napkins that was found behind the driver’s seat of Naweed’s car during a covert operation by the Security Services.

Naweed had given the car keys to his new boss on his first day at work as a courier. The courier company, Hero Couriers, was in fact a fake company that had been set up as part of a joint operation between the Security Services and the police and his ‘boss’ was the key prosecution witness in the trial, undercover officer “Vincent” Khobaib. Despite being under surveillance for some months prior to his arrest Khobaib was never seen with the bag in question. Despite many areas of concern about the evidence the men were not assisted by four terrorist attacks during the trial. They were all convicted and sentenced to a minimum of 20 years.

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