Not Guilty Verdict in Serious Firearms Case

Natasha Green, solicitor at Rustem Guardian, secures acquittal for O who appeared before Croydon Crown Court for trial in a firearms case.

O was charged with one count of possessing a prohibited firearm.

O was just 17 when he was arrested in 2021 after the police found a prohibited firearm located outside his bedroom window.  He was subsequently charged with possessing a firearm. The prosecution’s case was based largely on observation evidence from officers shortly before O’s arrest, who stated that they had witnessed our client’s bedroom window open and close and a figure appear shortly before the firearm was located. Our client’s bedroom window was found open and the temperature of the bag containing the firearm suggested it had not been exposed to the adverse weather conditions at the time, indicating the firearm had recently been placed there.

Forensic examinations were completed on the firearm and the bag it was contained in, which had no forensic links to O. However, the location of the firearm, the observation evidence from the officers and the fact that part of an item from our client’s bedroom was found attached to the bag containing the firearm, formed a strong case against him.

The case was meticulously prepared and a unanimous verdict of not guilty was returned.

Natasha instructed Rhys Rosser of 2 Bedford Row chambers.