Acquittal for Child Sexual Offences

Unanimous Acquittal on 18-Count Indictment for Child Sexual Offences

Katerina Tsibouklis and Ella Hughes acted for W, a man in his late seventies, who was accused of 18 counts of sexual offences against his stepdaughter including indecency with a child, gross indecency and indecent assault. The offences were alleged to have taken place in the early 1970s when W was in his late twenties and the complainant was between the ages of 8 and 13. The offences were said to have taken place in their family home.

Due to the historical nature of the allegations, W was prosecuted under previous legislation for sexual offences. W had never been arrested or prosecuted for any offence prior and as such had the benefit of a good character direction at trial.

The case was complex in that W was first questioned in Canada without the benefit of a lawyer in interview. He was later extradited from Canada, where he had resided since 1980. W had been imprisoned in Canada for these alleged offences prior to his extradition.

On his arrival in the United Kingdom, Katerina Tsibouklis represented W at his First Appearance hearing in the Magistrates Court and was able to secure his immediate release on conditional bail.

W had a number of medical conditions and suffered memory loss due to his age and the historical nature of the allegations. A medical expert was instructed to assess W and advise as to appropriate measures to ensure his medical needs were accommodated at trial.

Ella Hughes worked tirelessly to prepare W’s defence in the latter stages of the case. This included obtaining crucial witness evidence from W’s biological daughter who gave evidence in his defence. Ms Kitty Colley of Millennium Chambers was instructed as trial counsel. Ms Colley made detailed submissions in relation to the exclusion of hearsay evidence from two witnesses who were deceased by the time the case was brought to trial.

Following a 7 day trial before Wood Green Crown Court, during which W gave evidence, he was unanimously acquitted of all charges.

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