The New Spouse Visa Requirements as of 11th April 2024

Summary by Agnieszka Tomasikiewicz 28/03/2024


The New Spouse Visa Requirements


The spouse visa, often called marriage visa or the partner visa, permits a non-UK resident to live with their significant other in the United Kingdom, assuming that the significant other is a British national or possesses permanent residency status, like Indefinite Leave to Remain or EU Settled Status.

In December 2023, the UK government made a bold move to overhaul the financial requirements for the Spouse Visa and all other Family Visas. These changes, set to take effect from April 11th onwards, are expected to make the application process considerably more challenging and expensive.

The financial requirements for family visas in the UK are slated to undergo significant changes. Starting April 11th, 2024, the threshold will increase from £18,600 to £29,000, followed by a subsequent rise to £34,500 later in the year. Further adjustments are expected, with the threshold projected to reach £38,700 by early 2025.

To apply for a spouse visa in the UK, the applicant and their UK-based partner must meet several other key requirements:

  • The applicant and partner must have met in person;
  • The applicant and partner are both over 18 years old;
  • The applicant and partner are not within a prohibited degree of relationship;
  • The partners must be legally married or in a civil partnership recognized by the UK;
  • The relationship must be genuine and subsisting;
  • There must be adequate accommodation in place for the couple (and any dependents), without recourse to public funds;
  • The applicant must prove their knowledge of English, typically by passing an approved English language test at CEFR level A1 in speaking and listening, or by having an academic qualification that was taught in English and is recognized by UK NARIC as being equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree or higher;
  • The UK partner must be a British citizen, have settled status (such as Indefinite Leave to Remain or proof of permanent residence);
  • Both partners must prove that they intend to live permanently together in the UK.

It is important that the applicant must submit a valid application and to do so, the following must be done:

  • Completed online spouse visa UK application form;
  • Payment the of the spouse visa fees;
  • Payment of the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS);
  • Submission an approved proof of identity document;
  • Biometric information;
  • All the other relevant supporting documents.


Each case is unique, and the specific documents required will depend on the couple’s circumstances. Furthermore, the rules and financial thresholds are subject to change, so it’s important to check the most current regulations before applying.

For the latest guidance on meeting the above we recommend checking the government website or for expert immigration advice, please contact our immigration department on 020 3929 9119 or complete our enquiry form: Contact us – Rustem Guardian Solicitors.