If you feel that you or a loved on has been the victim of a miscarriage of justice, the team at Rustem Guardian are here to help. Since 2005, we have worked tenaciously for clients convicted of serious offences and have secured leave to appeal against both conviction and sentence in the Court of Appeal. At Rustem Guardian, we appreciate that overcoming the hurdles to secure a successful appeal is a complex process. Our team are able to adapt our approach to an appeal on a case by case basis. This involves in-depth scrutiny of what took place at trial and the pursuit of further lines of enquiry and the gathering of fresh evidence where necessary.

Our recent successes include the case of W, who had been convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 27 years’ imprisonment. This was successfully reduced by 5 years on appeal following defence submissions as to the facts of the offending and W’s young age at the time of the offence. The team at Rustem Guardian have also recently secured leave to appeal on a renewed application for a conspiracy to murder, which related to the admission of identification evidence leading to the defendant being convicted at trial.

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