"Rustem Guardian went the extra
mile in supporting, listening and gathering vital evidence."
"I knew you were fighting my
corner every step of the way and
I can't thank you enough."
"I would have no hesitation in
recommending your company to
anyone looking for knowledgeable,
professional and approachable solicitors."
"Rustem Guardian are a very
professional firm and attention
that staff give to clients are excellent."
"Excellent professionalism with a
very positive attitude. I would
strongly recommend this company"
"My solicitors were
relentless in the face
of the prosecution."
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Experts in Criminal Defence



We are able to provide assistance at the outset of criminal proceedings. This can include representing you at interview or drafting representations that proceedings are not in the public interest.


Court Proceedings

We can represent you at all stages of your Court proceedings, from a first appearance in the Magistrates Court to instructing counsel to represent you at trial. We will ensure our team are available to assist you throughout as well as putting in place experts and counsel to assist in ensuring the best outcome for you.



We are leading experts in proceedings pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime Act, be they linked to criminal proceedings or stand-alone. We work closely with forensic accountants and financial experts to challenge the conclusions of financial investigators and reducing confiscation figures and securing the return of frozen funds. 



If you have already been convicted, we are able to advise on appeal against conviction and sentence. We have an experienced team of senior solicitors working on appeals for serious offences, as well as working to prepare submissions to the CCRC.

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About Our Services

Operating from the heart of London’s legal district, Rustem Guardian Solicitors provides a unique offering of criminal defence expertise.

Katerina Tsibouklis Appears on GB News with Michael Portillo

We are able to help at all stages of proceedings.

We definitely recommend this firm to anyone as they were very professional, attentive, understanding and proactive in finding solutions when we were stuck.

The team at Rustem Guardian treat their clients like their family, always available and willing to do whatever they can to ensure a great outcome.

Rustem Guardian are fast becoming the go-to for a second opinion, either on an ongoing case or after the matter has concluded.

Rustem Guardian consistently deliver with excellent results, even when such an outcome appears unlikely or near impossible.

Rustem Guardian are a corporate firm but have the feel of a family run business, engagement with Senior Partner Tim Rustem is not only common but guaranteed.

Courtenay Griffiths KC

“Rustem Guardian is one of the best solicitors i've worked for. They can be trusted and are committed to the defence of all defendants”

Richard Christie KC

“On all the cases that I have carried out for Rustem Guardian, and there have been many, the whole team has been terrific – they have shown great attention to detail – no stone is left unturned- and they have always gone above and beyond for our mutual clients”

Tom Crowther KC

“Rustem Guardian is a boutique London crime firm with truly national reach. Its distinguishing feature is an exceptional level of client care - every client receives private-payer levels of care and attention, whatever their funding source. In each case, there is meticulous attention to the client's needs, curating bespoke support from police station through to trial. The team is gifted and diverse, and Timur Rustem's exceptional leadership and committed ethos shines through”

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Experts in Criminal Defence

Serious Crime

Financial & Corporate Crime

Forfeiture & Confiscation

Gavel and Handcuffs

Sexual Offences

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Our industry professionals are often approached by media outlets to provide expert commentary on legal issues. Senior Partner Timur Rustem regularly appears on television, in the legal press as well as national newspapers providing insight into ongoing proceedings and legislative developments.

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